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Today we want to talk about something different and take a look on what scholars say about the impact of learning English at a young age.

According to the website Brain Nursery, there are 6 great benefits from learning English during early childhood.

1. Easiness to learn

The younger the kid starts to learn English (or another language), the easier and more beneficial will be for his/her learning process. This is because when we are kids, we learn a language in an unconscious way. It is not necessary to make an effort to learn a new word, on the contrary, we acquire words as our brain structure develops.

This is the perfect time to nurture our brain with information and linguistic stimuli because the older we start learning a new language, the slower and more difficult will be the acquisition of new words. When learning English, kids store information in the same area of the brain while adults need 2 different areas, consequently hindering the learning process.

2. Positive impact on mental health

Children who start learning English at an early age develop their brains in a way that allow them to:

  • Have a better ability to concentrate.
  • Greater agility and the ability to solve problems.
  • Complete different tasks at the same time.
  • Connect different concepts.
  • Improve their memory and attention.

3. Access to a global world

The kid will have access to know different cultures. His/her education and intellectual development will be enriched and she/he will have an open mind towards the world and relations with other people. This will make the child accept and be intrigued about other cultures and different lifestyles. Besides, he/she will be able to communicate with people from other countries and thus enrich her/his own culture and personal development which will give him/her to the globalized world.

A last aspect to mention but not less important is that the child will be able to learn a third language more easily.

4. Loss of embarrassment

The importance of learning foreign language in children’s development

When children are little they do not feel ashamed easily; therefore, they are more likely to speak and practice their English without being afraid of making a mistake or being worried about what others may think thus gaining confidence and sense of safety.

As a consequence, it is a good idea to expose children to the English language before they develop the feeling of embarrassment that could halt their English learning.

5. Better academic performance

Since learning a new language boosts children’s intellectual capacity, children that know more than one language have better critical and problem-solving skills; besides, they have a better understanding in regards to language structure. Therefore, bilingualism in children implies better results academically speaking as it eases the comprehension of different subjects, and, as a consequence, children end up enjoying the learning process.

6. Greater employability

If children start learning English from a young age, they will be more likely to get their desired job during their adult lives since being bilingual or having a good proficiency in English is an aptitude that companies look for and value.

As always, we encourage you to follow this blog as well as our social media: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. With the future of children in mind, we say goodbye, hoping this is useful to you. We are developing programs for children that consider the current situation; in them we are mixing online and face-to-face activities that meet all the safety requirements that these times demand.

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