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Hello friends and followers of our blog in One Language. February has already caught up with us, and we can’t miss this opportunity to greet you and ask you: How are your vacations going?

You know that One Language has a team of people who are passionate about what they do, and give their best effort to keep our program updated. Today we have the opportunity to introduce you to the teacher Francisca Saez, who tells us about her experience with the English language.

My name is Francisca and I would like to tell you about my experience with the English language. Since I was a little girl, I was always in touch with English. My mom and I used to listen to music in English for when I had to sleep or when we shared some quality time together. English has always been part of my life; however, I didn’t give it the importance that I would give it later on.

When I started high school, I faced the terrifying question: What will I do when I finish high school? I considered I had limited options, since I didn’t think I was good at Math or Science. So, I focus on looking for programs related to humanities. Since I had relatively good grades in the English class and I liked to study for that subject, I said: Why don’t I study languages? And that’s how I applied to the translation program to learn English and German.

From day one I loved the program. I loved having the chance to learn three different languages, so different from one another. After a couple of months of learning English, I started to understand the lyrics of the songs my mom used to play when I was little. I started to understand what the English-speaking tourists said when they visited the city. And, eventually, I could watch movies in English without subtitles! But it wasn’t an easy path to get there, it took a lot of practice and dedication. But, let me tell you something: It is totally worth it.

When I felt confident enough to explain myself in different languages in front of a group of people, I applied to an exchange program to Germany to continue my studies in translation and improve my German skills. I had the chance to travel to many countries. In most of them, nor English or German was the native tongue. Fortunately, in most of the European countries, English is the second language of a big part of the population. That’s why I could perfectly communicate when I went to restaurants, museums, shopping centers, etc.

At that moment, I realized how important English is in so many situations. It gives you the chance to travel, meet people, study or work abroad. And most importantly: it gives you the chance to be communicated with a ton of people around the world and to have access to contents that are not translated into Spanish.

When I came back from Germany, I felt the need to expand my horizons. I wanted to help others learn another language, either English or German. It thrills me the idea of sharing knowledge and experiences. With all this, I’d like that the process of learning a second language enrich other people as much as it enriched me and gives them similar opportunities.

I feel lucky of being part of One Language, it allows me to share experiences with people a have a lot in common with. It also allows me to teach differently, with more dynamism, closeness, and didactic. However, the best of all is that I’m part of an exceptional team.

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