A picture, a trip and English can change your life

Hello to all of our friends and followers of this One Language Blog, once again we are here on this virtual space, where we don’t only share our life experiences, but also people’s testimonies  of every person who is a part of our community, if you remember our previous logs, where our teachers share their views, on this occasion we asked a student to write for us some words, which we are going to share with you now.

Marurio Beza is a journalist, and also the lucky winner of our photography contest, who in a few months will participate in our immersion trip to Malta, where he will have the chance to practice what has been learnt with us and to continue his progress on the learning and control of the English language.

English is the number one universal language, since we are children it is present in our lives, within the social and educational breaches that are implied for a student of a public school and the private education system.

I remember learning by heart the verb «to be» conjugation on the 7th and 8th grade of high school in Temuco, more than 30 years ago. I remember watching movies and TV shows where we would listen to a translation that didn’t match with the images, that means, we would see a dialogue, it would be said in English and then it would be heard in Spanish, those were the Chliean 80s, a mix of unintelligible languages in an unequal country.

During high school, English was a mandatory subject for all the 4 years, which would as well adjust to the requirements of the education authorities, fulfiling  goals and implementing a strict study plan, but with no consideration for the real importance of the language on the student’s lives and future workers.

In the end, 2 hours of English a week for 6 years for not speaking, writing and not even understanding a fluent conversation in downtown New York or at a cafe in London. Get the subtitles from your favorite movies and  TV shows, that’ll help you! some experts said.

At a higher level, the teaching of English isn’t a priority either in careers such as journalism, medicine, engineering or social sciences, where the language is just one more subject, even being optional or selective.

Nowadays, the analysis is clearly different, Chliean men and women we deserve to learn English, in all the fileds and development areas in which the language has an added value, because the person who understands, speaks and communicates in another language, it holds a very important tool that will help them for the rest of their lives.

Now, the reason why I am writing all this is because I am re-studying English in the One Language institute, a one and only opportunity all thanks to the beautiful surprises that live throws at you along with the good will of some excellent people.

It turns out that One Language, along with the «Revista Ya» magazine and the «Fogón Frutillarino» restaurant, they organized a Super Photography Contest whose first prize is an all-paid-2 weeks trip to the island of Malta, on The Mediterranean sea, on the Souht of Italy, to learn English and obviously having unforgettable life experiences. And I turned out to be the winner of such prize, after taking part sending a beautiful picture which is called «A río revuelto…»

The image is from the town of Caleta La Arena in Puerto Montt, where some artisan fishermen, with the net on their hands , they were getting some salmons that scaped from a growing center at a Spring sunset.

In the same way, I will try to replicate the picture of these fishermen in the island of Malta, for this I will have 2 weeks in which all of my results I will be sharing on my social media.

Allow me to give you a final thought, sometimes to grow, to be a better person, to go beyond your limits, to develop your talents, your knowledge and purposes, all you need is a picture, a trip and the English language to change your life.

Mauricio Baeza Moraga.


As always folks, we invite you to follow us in all our social media, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin; comment on this blog, tell us your stories or simply suggest us any topic you would like to know more about, and in any way when Mauricio comes back from his trip to Malta, we expect him to share with us all of his insights, and above all his pictures.

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